About Us

Above and Beyond Universal (ANBU) Healing Therapy is a  traditional yet a modern Health and wellness center run by qualified and passionate medical professionals and health care providers. We are a multi-dimensional health and wellness center, focused on integrated holistic health for mind and body, it is open now in Chennai ECR Kottivakkam to ease your pain and discomfort. We believe in giving each of our patrons the total attention and care they need to get out of pain fast and help them stay healthy and pain-free longer if not for ever.

By integrating ancient medicine practices with a progressive and customized healing therapy protocol , we are able to provide the most relevant medical pain treatments available due to constant comprehensive understanding  and by engaging experienced medical therapists.

Complete and thorough traditional diagnostic testing allows us to not only acknowledge and understand your pain but to aggressively treat the root cause. We specialize in combining the best of physical and energy medicine to help you get out of pain faster and in the most effective way. From the first day of treatment to the last day of your pain-relief program, you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving the best in our patient-centered healthcare facility.