Naturopathic diet is a way of eating that brings pleasure, maintains good health, and is sustainable for a lifetime. Amidst all the conflicting nutrition advice out there, you can rely on ANBU HEALING for professional, evidence-based recommendations including  Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for clients who are currently dealing with a disease or condition such as high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes and pre-diabetes, and various GI disorders. We also provide counseling to individuals who are simply looking to use diet to optimize their wellness. Our food philosophy is influenced  on mindfulness, balance, and variety when it comes to food. You will not find rigid meal plans and strict food rules. We provide clear education, practical tips, and tailored recipe suggestions. Think of us as your nutrition coach, who will help you set and meet nutrition goals created with your individual history and preferences in mind. Diet Therapy like Eliminative Diet; Soothing Diet; Constructive Diet etc are practiced. By the intake of a proper combination and balanced food, one can purify the body and improve the immune system.

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