Naturopathic fasting has got its root from spiritualism also called as religious fasting to attain moksha .The natural tendency of animals and humans is to decrease food consumption when they are ill. One might deduce that this inborn preference gives the body a chance to focus on fighting infection rather than expending energy on digestion. Interestingly, fasting has been shown to improve the bactericidal activity of neutrophils and increase monocyte bactericidal activity and natural killer cell cytolytic activity. Furthermore, fasting deprives the body of iron, upon which bacteria and viruses thrive. The inclination of humans to reject food high in iron such as meat when they are sick reinforces this concept. The health benefits of fasting include detoxification, faster healing, radiant skin, and secretion of growth and anti-aging hormones. It is also good for the digestive system as it boosts metabolism, lowers cholesterol levels, and reduces appetite, thereby managing weight and obesity. It provides relief from epilepsy, arthritis, and other diseases. At ANBU Healing thorough diagnosis is performed and the health goal of the patient ascertained clearly before prescribing Naturopathic fasting.


As always for complex and chronic ailments its a best practice to consult with your physician about any alternative medical therapy you would like to undergo, however good and effective  it might be. In spite of the multidimensional benefits and acceptable side effects, Naturopathy can prove dangerous in certain medical conditions. It is not recommended for people already suffering from malnutrition, diabetes, and chronic ailments like gout, advanced stages of cancer, and cardiac arrhythmia, in which the heart beats irregularly. It is also not advised for pregnant or nursing women.