Like physicists in study of matter, modern medical scientists have tried to understand the human body by reducing it to basic building blocks and fundamental motor functions which is further complicating the healing process and giving rise to newer and recurrent health challenges.

The complex health and wellness scenario of the future has put forth the necessity for responsible and highly evolved therapists and healers to rethink and explore traditional global medical practices. The Holistic healing system, popularly known as “ALTERNATE MEDICINE”, which consciously activates long forgotten traditional healing techniques using food as medicine and it also manipulates the inner talent, ability, subtle and deeper intelligence of human body and mind for effectively dealing with changes in the environment, food habits, lifestyle disorders, work life imbalance, solitude leading to newer diseases and making the existing ones to mutate and hard to cure provides us a hope and a way forward.

The emerging scenario of disease dynamics calls for an effective and not so expensive system of health care, based on holistic and ecological views. In this system, health care will mean people taking care of their own health individually, as a society, and with the help of dedicated and evolved therapists: This principle of health care cannot just be “provided” or “delivered”. It has to be “practiced and lived” consciously as a way of life, which will eventually lead to longevity and a life of fulfillment and grace.