Switch Words

Switchwords are words which are intended to manifest ones desire by directing the flow of energy to the subconscious and unconscious mind and bringing about the required outcome. This has been in practice for time unknown by our Siddhars (evolved human beings) as Manthiram aimed at activation of our various Chakras as an example. Switchwords operate through vibration. Saying, intending or chanting these words of power changes our body’s vibration so that we resonate at the same frequency as the goal we desire. When we say, intend, chant or sing Switchwords we create sympathetic resonance and attract what we want. According to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. When our thoughts, words, actions and beliefs become what we aspire to, we attract this to us like a magnet.

When we repeat Switchwords there’s also a shift in the brain. Our attention shifts from the word to the sound of the word, the meaning then falls away and you have just the vibration. This is known as semantic satiation. Have you noticed that when you look at a word over and over again it begins to appear less meaningful? They are simply form and sound – vibrational objects. This is why it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand why particular words act as Switches – we do not need to make a link between the semantics and the effect. The effect is created by the sound and feel of the word, which then aligns your energy to manifest your goal.

Tapping, or EFTs, can be a really effective way to tap into your subconscious to communicate your Switchwords. ‘Switch-tapping’ is first aid if you feel you might give in while trying to deal with fear, a phobia, or to quit smoking or over-eating – firstly, because Switchwords can work instantly to shift your mindset, and secondly, because tapping words on your fingers gives you something to do with your hands rather than eat, over-think or reach for a cigarette. The tapping points we use on the fingers correspond with some of the acupoints on the body, which when stimulated, have a calming effect on the fear response in the brain.

Caveat of Switch words

Although, as with any other therapy, Switch-words cannot claim to cure illness or take away pain, working with these words has led to a reduction in symptoms for some people, and helped them manage their pain and associated low mood more confidently and effectively.