Ho’oponopono is an ancient spiritual practice that originated in Hawaii and before that, from the Polynesian Islands of the South Pacific. It was used as a ritualistic method to help one island kingdom settle their differences with another. Later it was adapted to facilitate cooperation and forgiveness between individuals and usually required a third party to mediate over the process. The ancient Hawaiians understood that harboring negative emotions like anger and resentment only hurts the person who can’t forgive, this is not about right or wrong but a symbolic way to cut the connection to that event or person that is causing us pain.

Ho’oponopono means reconciliation and forgiveness. But not necessarily directed at another person. In our vibrational, connected Universe, any good that you send out is ultimately received back to yourself. If you believe that you create your reality, and that you are responsible for your life, then you have to accept that you create everything you experience. Ho’oponopono is like pressing the reset button. It is a spiritual cleanser: you use it daily just like you’d take a shower and remove your make-up. It clears out the negative energy accumulated and removes any bad feelings towards yourself or others. It brings the practitioner to an emotional state of zero. Ho’oponopono is based on and constructed using the Spiritual Laws of the Universe. These laws are, well, laws. They are always in force; immutable, impossible to circumvent.

Small scale studies have shown that ho’oponopono can help feelings of forgiveness, even after just one attempt. It may even help us physically and has been shown to lower blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure. Forgiveness is shown to reduce depression and anxiety and improve feelings of hope. At ANBU Healing we provide clear guidance, practical tips, and tailored suggestions. Think of us as your mind wellness coach, who will help you set and meet social well being goals created with your individual history and preferences in mind.


It’s important to note that self-treating a chronic condition (such as depression) with tapping  or ho’oponopono and avoiding or delaying standard care may have serious consequences. If you’re considering using it, make sure to talk with your doctor first.